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Unleashing Gaming Economies

Next generation gaming company

We aim to accelerate the adoption of Game-Fi

CUBIC6 is a next generation game technology company building Web3 games and Game-Fi infrastructure to empower gamers and developers with true digital ownership and decentralized gaming.

Future-Proof Technologies

We build applications by leveraging cutting edge blockchain technologies and approaches.

Decentralization and Shared Ownership

We believe every user and builder deserves to own and govern a part of the products they use/build.

Community-First Approach

Community makes or breaks the product. Every decision we take puts our communities front of mind. 

Impactful and Responsible

We believe every product we build should make a positive impact on people and the planet.

Join Our Team

Our Partners


Remote First

Flexibility to work from wherever you want

Shared Ownership

Be an owner and share in the success of what you build



Use the latest future-proof technologies to solve challenges

Career Growth

Opportunity to grow quickly in your career path

Impact Culture

Fueling entrepreneurial mindsets and ideas

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